Member Benefits

  • Sole Share Accounts
  • Annual Dividends
  • Maximum shareholding - £10,000
  • Funds paid to specified beneficiary
  • Joining Fee £5.00


  • Competitive interest rates –
  • Personal Loan 8.9% APR
  • Savers Loan 4.9% APR
  • No arrangement fees
  • Loans can be repaid early with no settlement fees charged
  • Interest calculated on your reducing loan balance
  • Each application is treated confidentially and subject to a Credit Check
Junior Account
  • Children up to the age of 16 are junior savers and not members of Orchard Credit Union
  • Minimum balance: £10.00 – maximum balance: £5,000
  • A junior saver is not permitted to withdraw funds on their own
  • Annual interest paid on savings
  • Joining Fee: £5
Corporate Accounts

Orchard Credit Union Limited will accept applications for corporate accounts, provided they can comply with Orchard Credit Unions Common Bond.

Before an application for a corporate account can be opened the following must be provided:

  • A fully completed application form.
  • Relevant supporting documentation for each organisation i.e. individual lodge warrant and a copy of their constitution. For Bands we will need a constitution and a supporting letter from the Lodge that the Band is associated with.
  • ID and proof of address for all office bearers/signatories e.g. Passport, Driving Licence, Smart Pass.
  • It is the responsibility of the office bearers of the organisation to advise Orchard Credit Union of any change to the signatories.

The account will be opened at our office in Armagh. All office bearers/signatories need to call at the office to provide their ID and proof of address.

All signatories do not need to be present at the same time.

See our full list of T's&C's on Corporate Accounts

How to Join

The Common Bond of any Credit Union is the "link" that binds people together and enables them to apply for membership. Credit Unions are co-operatives - this means that we are owned, managed and operated by the members working together in order to help each other.

The Common Bond of Orchard Credit Union is:

"Members of the Orange Order, members of their family and friends, who reside within the Armagh District  area."


See our full list of T's&C's on membership.